Niagara Falls in April

Hi everyone, spring is around the corner and it's time to spend you weekend here in Niagara Falls. The pictures below are taken on the other side (American Side) of the Falls. The rocks are still covered by some snow on the surface. At dust, I was driving along the River and was so amazed by the sunset on the mist of the falls. Please enjoy the pictures. (more…)
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Niagara Falls Downtown

4年前发了一些瀑布downtown的照片,当时瀑布试图重建。那时承担重建任务的是一家美国公司。多年过去了,这家公司也撤了。市政府决定自己来扛起这炸药包,他们把这条街命名为Q,取Queen的首字母。街道拓宽了,加了一些拱门,还添加了一些比较fancy的路标和仿古钟。新的公交系统WEGO也驶过市中心,可是人气依旧。 (more…)
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